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Sep 22, 2012

From: Acarya Abhidevananda Avadhuta <>
Subject: [AM] Understanding our Paincadasha Shiila
Date: September 18, 2012 7:17:38 PM GMT+05:30


Namaskar all,

Re: Understanding our Paincadasha Shiila

It should be well understood that the Paincadasha Shiila pertain to
our personal conduct and not to our collective affairs. So, for
example, regarding the first of the Paincadasha Shiila, forgiveness,
Baba has the following to say:

Pardoning is an individual attribute. It can be practised in
individual life only, but it cannot be part of collective sadhana.
Those who poke their noses into collective affairs, or pardon people
ignoring the harm they inflicted on the collective body, commit a
social crime. Mahatma Gandhi should not have pressed one government to
pay fifty crores of rupees to another government against the interests
and sentiments of the people of that country.

Discourses on PROUT
In collective life one has no right to forgive anyone; in individual
life you can extend maximum forgiveness – rather, the more
forgiveness, the better. Forgiveness is something personal; it is not
a collective matter. Suppose you are an inhabitant of India. If
someone harms the collective life of India, you must not forgive them.
Likewise, as you belong to the entire human race, you must not forgive
anyone who harms humanity. But in individual life, however much one
might harm you, you may forgive that person to the greatest extent

Taking the Opposite Stance in Battle
Published in:
Ananda Marga Ideology and Way of Life in a Nutshell Part 11
Subhasita Samgraha Part 10 [unpublished in English]
(5) Hypocrites are:

(a) Those who give indulgence to falsehood;

(b) Those who are ungrateful to their benefactors;

(c) Those who do not keep their word;

(d) Those who betray;

(e) Those who slander behind one’s back.

(6) You may come to a temporary truce with a hypocrite, but do not
forgive till his/her nature is reformed. Immediate forgiveness is a
special weakness of mind. It results in worse harm to society.

Those who cherish class distinctions, communalism, provincialism and
casteism while indulging in propaganda about universalism are also

Chapter 3 "Society"
Caryacarya Part 2
Abhidevananda Avadhuta
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From Baba's Ananda Vanii Samgraha...
Competition in the realm of physical pabula may bring satisfaction in
material enjoyment, but it leads human beings far, far away from inner
tranquility. It is true that to give emphasis to existential security
of human beings food, clothes, accommodation, education and medical
care are absolutely necessary. Accepting these requirements as
indispensable needs for living beings, you will have to move forward.
But remember that while giving utmost importance to these
requirements, human characteristics should not be even slightly
neglected under any circumstances. You must also remember that the
physical expressions of life and the increasing spiritual unfoldment
of human beings are not antithetical, rather they are complementary to
one another in the task of establishing a great ideology. So keep
moving, enlighten humanity with crimson rays, and make your existence
meaningful and effulgent. Move on, move on.

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