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Sep 10, 2012


GOOD NEWS- 1st Dio. 2nd Phase Seminar (JULY RDS, RANCHI), DELHI Sector

Kalikata Region
First phase diocese level Seminar was conducted in Lumding on 22, 23 and 23 June 2012. Ac Navarunananda Avt was the central trainer and BC langthasa from halflong was the organisor. 50 participants attended the programme.
BC Lsangthasa organized meeting in Lunging Middle School and Lungting Bazen High School on Meditation and its effect on our mind and process of unification of human society.150 students and 15 staff attended the meeting.
6 people took initiation and books of rs. 500 were sold.

On the 30,31 June and 1 July 2nd date seminar was organized in Deoghar by DS Dumaka @ Deoghar, Ac Nityapremananda Avt. Trainer was Ac Paramananda Avt. There were 70 people who were enrolled. Prabhat pheri, Narayan seva, Nagar Kiirtana was also conducted. News paper highlighted the news with colourful pictures(see attachment). 200 people were benefitted.
MG qrts. is being renovated, till now Rs. 1,25000 has been spent.

Bokaro (Dugdha):
3rd date Seminar was organized on 6,7,8 July by Ac Prabhadrananda Avt at Vidyasagar High School, Dugdha. Central ISMUB Secy. Ac Acintananda Avat also visited the place while inauguration was going on and addressed the gathering. Central trainer Ac Paramananda Avt gave the class in very systematic way. RS Kalikata, Ac Navarunananda Avt gave the class on structure.
15 students took initiation.
The local paper highlighted the news widely.(see attachment).
Prabhat Phery, Akhand Kiirtan, DDC and Narayan seva was conducted and 350 people were benifitted.

Sambalpur (Bhuvaneshvar Circle):
On 13,14 & 15 July 2012 there was seminar of 4th date at Budhraja, Sambalpur.
100 people were present. Central trainer Ac Priyatoshananda Avt gave very inspiring class.
10 people got initiated.
DDC, Narayan Seva, Akhand Kiirtan were conducted.
Local print media highlighted the news widely.(see attachment.).
Local 0TV, UTV, Ganavarta and Sanmegh covered the news.

In eight places seminars were organized in this region.
Trainers were Ac Sampurnananda Avt, Ac Satyashryananda Avt, Ac Raganugananda Avt, Ac Rudraprakashananda Avt.
Margiis were very inspired with the classes. Structure class were also given which strengthen the structure of the organization.
Many places all three days Akhand Kiirtan and Nagar Kiirtan was organized.
Symposium was also organized.
Shobha Yatra also took place.
Pracar work was organized in Bhagalpur University and lodges and hostels. Hundreds of students got inspired. 30 new people were initiated.
Construction work at Baba’s birthplace got started,
Construction work is in progress in Gwalior, Bilaspur(MP), Bhopal and Indore school.
A relief work was organized in Bhagalpur (Navagachia block). 200 Sariis and 150 Dhotis were distributed. Medical service was also provided to the needy. 500 patients were treated.

Four Seminars were held in Kanpur circle in Allahabad region.
A huge number of Margiis brothers and sisters participated in the seminar.
Ac Nirmohananda Avt was trainer in Thano who gave very nice classes.
Ac Rudraprakashananda Avt was trainer in Agra.
Ac Pranaveshananda Avt was in Faizabad.
Ac Sharanananda Avt was in Allahabad.
Total 40 people got initiation.
Narayan Seva, Nagar Kiirtan, Procession, katha-Kiirtan were conducted daily in the seminar.
Margiis of Faizabad donated Scooty for the DSL didi as she is sincerely working for the organization.
Maximum print media covered the news widely.
Electronic media also telecasted the news.
The Saket News channel live show the programme.
Table talk, Tattva Sabha, Group meeting was also organized.

1st Diocese Seminar was held in :
Delhi and 
In Doda on 23rd June a symposium was organized by the Doda Bhukti . Shri Amarnath Bhagat (DFO) was the chief guest of the symposium. 500 participants were present in the programme.
In chandigarh Narayan Seva was organized in which 400 people go benifitted.
In Delhi Narayan Seva 300 people got benifitted.
300 people attended the Seminar.
Acarya Nabhatiitananda Avt was the trainer in Delhi and Kullu and Ac Priyatoshananda Avt in Doda and Chandigarh who gave very inspiring classes and also guided the cadres to strengthen the structure of organization.

1st Diocese seminar were conducted in: 
Ahmedabad and 
22 students took initiation in Jodhpur. CSS programme was organized. One game and sports camp was also organized to strengthen the SSAC. In this camp Yoga class was given for all round progress.
200 people attended the seminar in Jaipur. Ac Nabhatiitananda Avt was the central trainer who beautifully narrated the subject among the participants.
By Narayan Seva 200 people got benefitted.
Medical camp was organized on 29th June in Ananda Marga School where 150 people got benefitted. Dr. Mahesh Mathur, Dr. Ananda Jain and Dr. Jayanta Jain were kind enough to treat the patient.
In Ahmedabad Ac Sampurnananda Avt was the central trainer who gave all round knowledge of the organization and also explained the subject of the seminar very notably.
Meeting of the committee of the Dharma Mahasammelan was also organized in which people got guidelines to make the DMS successful.
In Jalore Ac satyashryananda Avt was the central trainer. Prabhat Pheri was conducted almost every day in the morning. Rally programme was organized which inspired the city to get attracted towards the ideology of Ananda Marga. Good Pracar work was organized in the district.
30 students got initiation with Nama Mantra and 5 ladies got initiated. Dianik Bhaskar and rajasthan Patrika widely covered the news.
20 people learnt Asanas.

Acu-Yoga medical camp-
At Hetaudaon 5th June 2012 60 patients were benefitted by Accupressure, Yogik treatment by Ac Oumkatreshvarananda Avt in Sancho Jeevan Nirman Abhiyan, hupra.
Total 6 people were initiated.
Weekly article in local News paper in being published.
Public meeting on Vegetarianism-
On 15th June 150 villagers attended a lecture on “Vegetarianism & Yoga” and healthy life in village Gandhi Materanchuli. The people influenced and decided to adopt vegetarian  and yougik life style.
School & college meeting-
On 22nd June, 20 staff members of Narayani College and 100 college students and teachers of Narayani campus at Bayalwas, dist sarlahi attended the meeting addressed by DS KT and RS Kathmandu. Topic was Education, Meditation and Aim of life. The principle again invited for youth Yoga camp.
Table talk-
On the occasion of Guru Purniima(Vyas Jayanti), on 3rd July 50 staff of AMSAI, Margiis and people listened, talk on “Guru Tattva” in Hetauda.
Medical and Narayan seva-
450 persons got benefitted by Homeopathy, Acupressure and naturopathy.
1st Diocese Seminar was held in Kathmandu in which more than 250 Margiis were present. Ac Hariishananda Avt was the central trainer and Senior Dada Acarya Rudrananda Avadhuta was also kind enough to inspire the Margiis in every sphere of Life. New people took initiation.
One naming ceremony was also conducted.

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