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Sep 22, 2012

science of spirituality

Sharpen Your Intellect To Attain

By: Shri Shri Anandamurti on Sep 21, 2012 | 2453 Views | 15 Responses
Sharpen Your Intellect To Attain
Atman, the soul, and Brahmn, the Paramatman, exist. Only those who have never tried to understand anything beyond the sensually perceivable world may say, “If God exists, why can’t we see Him?” A material-minded person may ask, “Can you show me God?” Such a question may make a learned person laugh but this does not answer the question. So it is necessary to say that the answer to the question must be in the code and language consonant with the nature of the subject. So says Yama, to Nachiketa.

The Supreme Self lies hidden deep within every object. It is impossible for crude organs to see or understand this deeply covered Entity. Take ether for instance. Akáshatattva or ether lies hidden in the molecules and atoms of every object. Do you see it with your crude eyes or can you feel its existence through any of your organs? Now an ignorant person may ask a scientist, “You say there is ether; then show me. He needs to be guided and directed to the appropriate state of understanding its existence. Only then will he accept the existence of ether.

Brahmatattva or the spiritual principle is an extremely subtle principle. So to understand or know Him certainly calls for a very subtle, sagacious and sharp intellect. Scriptures call it Agryábuddhi or pointed intellect. Yama, the mythological God of Death; philosophically, the Controller, has said that this truth can only be experienced through pointed intellect. No other bearing can comprehend it. That is why the deeply covered Supreme Being is not equally reflected on all minds, despite the fact that He is present in all entities and is indeed the essence of every entity. It is only when the mental mirror becomes pure with the help of agryábuddhi that the Supreme Entity is properly revealed. This spiritual principle is beyond the comprehension of the crude organs like the eyes. The power of the optic nerves or of any organ to apprehend tanmátras or inferences is very limited.

Take for instance a molecule or atom of the physical world, which people can easily comprehend with a little mental effort, but which their eyes are unable to see through the media of form tanmátras. In order to see or feel them they will have to take the help of a special kind of instrument, and to learn how to use it they will require laboratory training. In order to realise the all-encompassing subtle principle of Brahmn also, you will have to focus your mind introspectively in accordance with a special method by doing regular experiments yourself. One cannot attain Brahmn through arguments and reasoning, based on opinions of different authors, or by opening study circles, or through speeches and lectures. For this you will have to develop your agryábuddhi with complete devotion and zeal. Then only you will realise Him with your entire being.

Crude intellect is sufficient for comprehension of crude objects, but not to enter the domain of subtlety; for that it has to be refined into a subtler one. To understand the subtlest Entity it has to be made extremely subtle and sharp like the point of a needle; all desires and propensities have to be centralised on a point – this is what is known as the agryábuddhi. The entity that then remains as the witness of that state of mental suspension, the Átman, is the characteristic Self of the unit. The Witnessing Force behind the state of mental suspension is the Átman.

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